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A Reference Book about the most important annual German Shepherd Dog Show in the World !

The Sieger Show in Words and Pictures -
provides information about every dog that was shown at the German Sieger show from 1994-2018. All dogs that were shown are presented by name, SZ- number, date of birth, 3 generation pedigree, name of the breeder and the owner as well as full critique. Most of the dogs are also presented with photos. The progeny groups are also listed as well as breeders groups and results. Each class is printed in a different colors for easy reference and convenience.

Each chapter features
lots of action photos sequences.

All of the VA-dogs
and all class winners
are published in large easy to read  format.


Photos of most dogs are in the book.

The progeny groups are listed as well as
breeders groups (kennel groups) and results.


At the end of each chapter a compilation
of bloodlines is listed

You will find interesting ads from
 different breeders from all over the world.

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