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German Shepherd Trained Males For Sale






Beware of Brokers who may have never been to Germany and try to sell you dogs they have never seen shipped directly from other wholesale brokers in Germany. I personally import my very special SchH3 & IPO3 German Shepherds directly from my many trainer and breeder friends in Germany. We invite your visit to see these magnificent GSD's.


German Shepherd Trained Males For Sale at our 10 acre modern GSD dog park-kennel facility near Dallas, Texas



4x Sieger VA1 Rapi Supra SchH3,KKl 1a OFA
"Just one of the many superb German Shepherd dogs imported by Fleischerheim."

Some of the many World Class SchH3 Male German Shepherd Dogs we have imported:

2x World Sieger
(Grand Champion)
VA1 Yasko vom Farbenspiel SchH3, kkl 1a

SG4 (Germany Youth)
2006 North American Sieger (Grand Champion)
VA1 Bazi von der Urbecke SchH3, Kkl 1a
SG 13 (Germany Youth)
V1 Uran vom Moorbeck SchH3, Kkl1a
SG15 (Germany Youth)

2x VA Irk von der Werther Mühle SchH3, Kkl 1a

SG15 (Germany Youth)
VA Tom vom Bauhofer-Land SchH3, Kkl 1a

World and Italian Youth Sieger
2002 USA & North American Sieger
(Grand Champion)
VA1 Rapi Supra SchH3,KKl 1a OFA
2002 Canadian Sieger (Grand Champion)
VA1 Merlin vom Frankengold SchH3, IPO3, Kkl 1a, OFA
2003 Canadian Sieger (Grand Champion)
VA1 Wupp von der Urbecke SchH3, Kkl 1a


We offer only the highest quality German
Imported Schutzhund Trained:
German Shepherd Security Dogs
German Shepherd Protection Dogs
German Shepherd Guard Dogs
German Shepherd Estate Dogs
German Shepherd Companion Dogs
German Shepherd Personal Protection Dogs


Excellent Family Protection German Shepherds

German Shepherd Family Protection Dogs
German Shepherd Executive Protection Dogs

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If you don't see "Your GSD" here please call us! We will do our best to find "that made to order" Male for you.
No one can offer the quality and availability of Trained German Shepherds from Ge
rmany as we can.
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Schutzhund Trained German Shepherd Males for Sale

Some of Our Elite World Class Schutzhund Trained German Shepherd Dogs are also
Top U.S. and German Sieger Show Contenders!

They  make  Superb Family Companion and/or Protection German Shepherd Dogs including Estate Dogs.
Our V Rated Schutzhund SchH3 Kkl 1a (Top Show Qualitytitled German Shepherd Males are priced from $15,000
(We do not offer lesser quality  German Shepherds from European Countries other than Germany. German Shepherd Dog quality is not the same from these other countries.)
Karim vom Heerbusch  IPO3, Kkl 1a
DOB:  August 30, 2011
Father: VA9 Lennox v. Regina Pacis (V1 Tyson v. Köttersbusch son & World Vize Sieger VA2 Quenn v. Löher Weg grandson)
Mother: V1 Coco v. Regina Pacis (World Sieger VA1 Zamp v. Thermodos granddaughter)


DOB: Dec. 8, 2010
Father:  V1 Tyson vom Kottersbusch SchH3, Kkl 1a
Mother: V Hilde vom Messina SchH1, Kkl 1a (World Sieger/Grand Champion Zamp vom Themados SchH3, Kkl 1a daughter)

Very large impressive masculine male
with excellent temperament for family companion/protection

SG1 Youth Sieger Benno vom M&M  IPO3, Kkl 1a
DOB:  November 10, 2010
Father: V Max von der Zoller   SchH3, Kkl 1a
Mother: V Alice von M&M,  SchH3, Kkl 1a

Very large impressive male with excellent temperament
and has high protection scores on IPO1, 2, & 3 certifications.

SG (Youth) Zessko von der Urbecke IPO3, Kkl 1a
DOB: July  18, 2010
Father:  VA Gigolo von der Bärenschlucht  SchH3, Kkl 1a
Mother: V Lia vom Holtkämper See SchH3, Kkl 1a

Very large masculine and very well trained male with
excellent temperament for family companion/protection.

DOB:  November 9, 2009

Father:  VA1 2X World Sieger Remo vom Fichtenschlag SchH3, Kkl 1a
Enea di Casa Veronica SchH1, Kkl 1a

 Large masculine and impressive male with
excellent temperament

V Lerry vom Langenbungert IPO3 Kkl 1a
DOB: JULY 31, 2008

Father:  VA2 Astana Alfons SchH3 Kkl 1a (VA Mentos v. Hühnegrab SchH3 Kkl 1a son & VA3 Erasmus van Noort SchH3 grandson)
V Yessi vom Langenbungert SchH1 Kkl 1a (VA3 Dux de Cuatro Flores daughter & VA2 Hill v. Farbenspiel SchH3 Kkl 1a granddaughter)


Very large impressive male with excellent temperament
and protection for a family including young children

V Zibu von der Freiheit Westerholt SchH3 IPO2, Kkl 1a
DOB: Mar 17, 2008
Father: V Tyson vom Köttersbusch SchH3 Kkl 1a (World Vize Sieger Quenn vom Löher Weg son)
Mother: V1 Quenni vom Osterberger-Land SchH3 Kkl 1a (2x World Sieger Yasko v. Farbenspiel granddaughter)

Very Large Masculine and Impressive Male
With Excellent Temperament

Special Low Price

V Zonk von der Jahnhöhe  SchH1, IPO3, Kkl 1a
DOB:   January 18, 2010
Father: V Playboy von der Jahnhöhe  SchH3,  Kkl 1a (2X World Sieger VA1 Vegas du Haut Mansard son, World Sieger VA1 Pakros d'Ulmental grandson)
Mother: V Gucci vom Demenhof  SchH3 Kkl 1a


9 Ferres Vom Emkendorfer Park SchH3 KkI 1a
DOB: March 9, 2010
Father: VA5 Shicco von der Freiheit Westerholt SchH3 Kkl 1a
Mother: V Beauty vom Emkendorfer Park (World Sieger VA1 Ursus von Batu granddaughter)



V Putin von der Wilhelmswarte IPO3, Kkl 1a
Father:  Shicco von der Freiheit Westerholt SchH3 Kkl 1a
Mother: V Chanel von der Wilhelmswarte
DOB: July 20, 2010

#23 Young Dog in the World


11 Arex von der Jahnhöhe  IPO3, Kkl 1a
DOB: January 19, 2010
Father: VA5 Shicco von der Freiheit Westerholt SchH3 Kkl 1a
Mother: V
Irmi von der Jahnhöhe


DOB: January 9, 2009

Father: V1 Jimmy vom Baruther Land SchH3 Kkl 1a (World Sieger VA1 Zamp v. Thermodos grandson)
Mother: V Xanda vom Frankengold SchH2 Kkl 1a (daughter of VA Marko della Valcuvia and granddaughter VA Dux della Valcuvia)
Father: World Sieger VA1 Zamp v. Thermodos SchH3, Kkl1a (World Vize Sieger VA2 Quantum v. Arminius grandson)
Mother: V Riva vom Wittesbacher Schloss SchH1 Kkl 1a (World Sieger VA1 Pakros d'Ulmental daughter, World Sieger VA1 Bax von der Luissentrasse granddaughter)
DOB: September 7, 2009

Father: VA4 Kwantum vom Klostemoor SchH3 Kkl 1a (World Sieger VA1 Zamp v. Thermodos son & 2X World Sieger Larus v. Batu grandson)
Mother: V Venia v. Uckerstrom SchH3 Kkl 1a


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