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Common Misspellings of German Shepherd


It is interesting to note that many newcomers to our great German Shepherd Breed are not aware that it was originally developed for Sheep Herding. Accordingly it is understandable that many creative spelling variations are often used in the e-mails we receive.

The most common inquiries are for German Shepard, the plural German Shepards, German Shepard for Sale, German Shepards for Sale. and their combinations such as German Shepard dog, hence Shepherd, German Shephard Dogs for Sale, German Shepard Dog For Sale, German Shepard Dogs, German Shepard Puppy, German Shepard Puppies, German Shepard Puppy for Sale and German Shepard Puppies for sale. Other Popular search engine inquiries are for German Shepard Breeder, German Shepard Breeders, German Shepherd Kennels.

We also receive Other GSD variations such as German Sheperd, German Shepperd, German Shepperds and German Sheperds as well as all of the various combinations listed above for "German Shepard".

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