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Date:                2/3/2005


Hello Bill, well congratulations.   I guess  I have just realized what an incredible service you have done for American GSD breeders.  You are responsible for bringing to American the Greatest Producing Male for the decade.  All I can say, is THANK YOU!!!  Truly.


I am also writing because I have three top producing and highly graded females on a world level to your Yasko. I know who owns him, but face it, he would not be here if it had not been for you and all your connections to Top Kennels. Anyway, the three females are super.  My Denni von der Freiheit Westerhold SG 10 BSZS. I am sure you are very aware of and is from a top producing female in Germany and she is still a couple of weeks out, but definitely a breeding to Yasko is a must. I am very aware of what they are capable of producing. “World Class” and I am sure you know it also.


The second female, my Inka vom Almhof is another top producing Natz daughter with Hobby on the motherline, she has already produced highly graded progeny via Ursus, but I believe Yasko will produce the best litter with her lines and over all construction and beauty.  Inka will come into estrus in about 1-2 month.


The third female, my Okawa von der Michaelswiese the VA3 female and also many times V2 under top VA females in Germany and USA. Also Okawa is a known producer of top quality puppies like the VP2 male under Orschler at USA SS.  Oka should be in estrus full in about two weeks.


All three females are world class quality and worthy of Yasko.  I could go ahead and breed to one of my stud dogs but why, when we have such an Ambassador of the breed in our own country?  I see no good reason, so my question would be how does Yasko’s bookings look in about two weeks.  I am concerned about the over usage of such a dog.  I know Valley Vet is very good at what they do as they took very good care of my Yasko daughter Tina.  Just write me a quick note and let me know how things are looking with Yasko please.


Thank you for your time Bill, you have been very helpful and kind and I appreciate it.


Have a GREAT DAY !!!


Kindly, Victoria


Hi Bill,

I saw your Ad for Yasko in the Review. Also checked out your website. Your dogs are awesome. Yasko is gorgeous. But, you knew that :-) It is nice to see a German dog without the roach as much as it's nice to see an American dog that doesn't walk on it's hocks or have the eggbeater thing happening.

Laura Thomas


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