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Taycan vom Assaut 

WB, BH, AD, IGP1, IGP2, IGP3, Kkl 1a

DOB: November 15, 2019
Taycan vom Assaut IGP3 - Trained Protection Male for sale at Fleischerheim German Shepherds

About Taycan:
Son of World Vice Sieger VA2 Kaspar von Tronje IPO3 (#2 German Shepherd in the WORLD!) Electric personality and fluid in motion, Taycan is always alert and aware of his surroundings. A dark mask and piercing eyes give pause to the uninitiated. Excellent command of obedience and eagerness to work, Taycan will adapt to any situation easily, whether it be protecting home and family or in a working environment with numerous distractions. Taycan settles easily in the car or at home, he likes to be on task and is more than willing and able to do what is asked of him. He has excellent temperament for a family situation and loves to play.

Taycan vom Assaut IGP3  - Trained Protection Male for sale at Fleischerheim German Shepherds Taycan vom Assaut IGP3 - Trained Protection GSDs Imported from Germany Idaho Oregon Montana Washington

VA2 World Vize Sieger Kaspar von Tronje IPO3, Kkl 1a (V1 Arre vom Hühnegrab IPO2, Kkl 1a and V Anuschka de Jovipe SchH1, Kkl 1a son)


V Vreni von Aducht IGP1, Kkl 1a (VA1 [2019 AUT] Whillo vom Klostermoor IPO3 and V Ofelia von Aducht IPO1, daughter; 2X VA1 (BSZS & USA) Schumann von Tronje IPO2 and VA Pacco vom Langenbungert SchH1, IPO3 granddaughter)

Taycan vom Assaut IGP3 is a Trained Male German Shepherd Taycan vom Assaut  IGP3
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