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V1 Tim vom Fidelius IPO3, Kkl 1a

Tim vom Fidelius - Breeding Male at Fleischerheim German Shepherds #17 Young Dog in the World
(SG17 BSZS 2013)
DOB:   February 13, 2012



2X World Sieger VA1 Remo vom Fichtenschlag SchH3, Kkl 1a


V Hexe vom Agilolfinger SchH1, Kkl 1a (3 World Siegeins & 5 World Siegers in pedigree)

Tim vom Fidelius - Breeding Male at Fleischerheim German Shepherds

Judge's Sieger Show Critique:
Big, quite powerful, substantial, very well pigmented, expressive with strong head, dark eyes, correct firm ears. Very good body proportions, clean front, balanced rib and brisket proportions, very good pronounced wither, firm straight back and croup of good length and angle. In the forehand a well laid shoulder-blade, very good hind angulation and well muscled, moving soundly in front and behind with convincing presentation and considerable spirit and willingness to move. He shows a wide outreaching, powerful dynamic gait with very good balance.

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