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We are seeking a limited number of serious individuals in Pennsylvania who really care about the future of our German Shepherd breed and wish to participate in our growing German Shepherd Import program.  Our Goal is to accelerate the importation of top quality breed-worthy German Shepherd males & females.  We desire to establish truly World Class German Shepherd breeding programs throughout America. Our emphasis continues to be on proven producers including males on Germany's "Top 50" stud list and comparable females from Top Producing Bloodlines.  Sole ownerships, co-ownerships and small investment breeding interests are available.  Please note we are extremely proud that we have imported 5 of the 8 German Shepherd stud dogs whose progeny groups were exhibited at the 1996 Sieger Show.


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Below are References from German Shepherd Puppy Customers  in the Pennsylvania area

Savannah's 3rd Birthday (June 9, 2017)

Savannah's 3rd Birthday
A message from Arleen Annaian <> dated March 23, 2017
Subject: Axel and Sarkis

Just thought you'd like to see these beauties! So grateful for your help Bill in picking our very best friends. Sarkis is 2 and Axel 4. Happy Puppy Day!


Sarkis - Pennsylvania     Sarkis & Axel - Pennsylvania
A message from Arleen Annaian <> dated October 20, 2015
Subject: Sarkis

Hi Bill and Evy,

Here is Sarkis at 11 mos and 80 lbs! We get so many
compliments on him. His personality is the best. Friendly with dogs, cats,
kids, and adults. His training is improving. He's at the ....lets test this
stage! We love him ! Thank you for him.


Sent from my iPhone

A message from Arleen Annaian <> dated February 7, 2015

Hi Bill and Evy,

Here is our Sarkis at 13 weeks. He's growing like a weed. He is
totally housebroken, and will be starting with the trainer in a week. You do
such an amazing job with breeding the best German shepherds, and I thank you for
all your help. Axel is 2 1/2 years and absolutely gorgeous as you can see. Axel
is Quinny and Ken pup and Sarkis is Nero and Bianca (also a Ken). Will send
video of all 3, as Cali (14 years) is still enjoying be part of the group too.
Thank you again!!

Ben-Zandra Pups

A message from John Durham <> April 2, 2014

Hi Bill,

Hope that you are well. Just a quick note to tell you how pleased we are with
Kidon (formerly little Zibu). If you recall, one of my major concerns about
purchasing a gsd was how it would interact with our small dogs (3 Pomeranians
and 2 King Charles Cavaliers). Well, there was a short adjustment period where
Kidon had to learn the degree of his own strength and power but now they all
live together in harmony and are even playmates and friends!

The picture below is of Kidon and our Pomeranian, Vanessa. As you can tell,
Kidon really does care for her and is her protector! He is really an incredibly
sweet and smart dog. Of course, when any stranger enters on to our property his
deep bark and guard instincts would make any person with a single brain cell
stop in their tracks. What an awesome combination!

His 1 year birthday is on April 15th and I look forward to many more great years

Thank you!

John Durham
Philadelphia, PA



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