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THIS PAGE IS FOR YOU...please send us photos of your puppies and adult dogs so that we can share them with others.
We love to see how they are doing.   Thank you.


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message dated 7/4/2009 7:24:07 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time, knepshield@verizon.net writes:

Happy 4th of July to you guys and hope it is a great one. The pics are in the mail, you should have them by Tue or Wed next week. Most were taken in June but we will have some new ones later. Playboy is laying behind my chair now taking a little nap. Today we went out for about an hour and left him loose in the house for the first time. What a love he is and we feel we got the best dog for us. Thanks again, enjoy the pics, Ed and Judy.

message dated 6/13/2010 1:45:51 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, kemurph@aol.com writes:
Thank you very much.  Words cannot express how much joy Bianca brings to Jim and I everyday. She is an incredible creature growing more beautiful and smarter everyday!

message dated 6/28/2009 1:55:29 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, knepshield@verizon.net writes:

Two months and counting with our dog. What a delight he has been and how much he has added to our lives. We were talking this morning how much he has given us and the joy he brings. It seems like we have had him much longer. Do you have a mailing address? We can send you some pictures. Hope all is well at the kennel. Take care and let us hear from you. Ed and Judy.

 message dated 6/29/2009 6:22:35 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, uvprinter1@att.net writes:
Bill and Evy,
As y'all well know Summer in Texas is really hot. Kaiser has found a way to keep cool in his back yard. He is also crazy about retrieving Tennis Balls. I have to keep a pretty good supply because he pops them pretty often. I am attaching a couple of pictures in case you are interested. Thanks again for your expertise!
Kelley H. Ball

message dated 6/14/2009 10:33:03 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time, bmont21@verizon.net writes:

Bill & Evy,
We just wanted to say "Thank You" so much for the beautiful puppy we purchased from you from the February 10th litter (Voltan and Solana).  She is WONDERFUL!  We named her "Sadie".  Our family loves her very much and she is a terrific dog!!  She has formed quite a bond with our two other German Shepherds and seems to be a very happy puppy.  We thought you might enjoy seeing some pictures of her.
Thanks again!!-for everything,
The Mont Family
Annapolis, Maryland


message dated 6/1/2009 2:55:11 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, y2knavy1@yahoo.com writes:
Bill and Evy,
     Well as you can see in the pics, Omega (Meg for short) is doing great!  Kezio took an evening and morning to get introduced to her, but once the ice was broken, they have been inseparable.  He loves to get a toy in his mouth and make her chase him.
     We cannot tell you how impressed we are with her Just like Kezio, our expectations were certainly exceeded.  She has an amazing temperament,  very self confident and curious as a puppy should be.  When we took her to the Pet Smart store, where they allow dogs, she quickly took charge like she owned the place.  She made new friends, human and animal, and laid on the floor as people and dogs were walking around her and would go and introduce herself when someone interested.  She was not the least bit skiddish!  She loves attention from everyone and was obviously very well socialized.  It is amazing to watch her pick up Kezio's big toys and carry them around like she was full grown.  She even plays tug of war with him, and it amazing to see how gentle he is with her when they play.  They are tiring each other out and then taking naps together.
     As you would expect,  the visit to the Vet went very well and we got her immunized against Lyme disease and her heartguard and frontline etc..  We will let you know how things progress, but we are obviously off to a great start.  Thanks again for what you guys do.

Kindest Regards,

message dated 5/30/2009 12:42:26 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, nancyandskipdenicola@hotmail.com writes:

Dear Bill:
We purchased a male puppy (Rikkor v. Xami, September 23, 2003 litter) from you about 5.5 years ago.
In a word, Otto is wonderful ---- he is great looking, and fantastic with our three children (now 11, 9, and 5), and their friends.  We live in CT, but travel often to Mass (about a 3 hour drive).  We also visit my sister often, who breeds Labradoodles.   Otto handles all of those situations with ease. My thought was to wait for another 8-12 months to purchase a second dog, but I was on your site, and saw that you had some dogs "on sale" and thought I would inquire. 
We are looking for a puppy or young dog that is good with children and other pets.  We would like the best quality (looking) dog that we can afford, but do not intend to breed it.  I'm sure you have a  number of pups that fit the bill, any specific suggestions?
"Toro" and the Vico x. Irina female pup are impressive!!!  Would either work for us?  Please send prices and your opinions.  You certainly got it right with Otto!!!
Skip Denicola

message dated 5/29/2009 7:30:40 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, jccampbel@comcast.net writes:

Hi Mr & Mrs F,

Just a short note: our dog Marty v Fleischerheim, callsign Ed, (Hill X Wendy) continues to be an amazing animal. At age 4 1/2, he's  beautiful, healthy and agile. He's also the only GSD we have owned that actually likes to swim. Our others would go in for a retrieve, or  wade, but Ed actually cruses around our pond, splashing and seemingly 
enjoying the entire experience.  Thanks for a great animal.  I thought of sending this when some friends asked me yesterday where  they could find a quality GSD after seeing Ed's pictures. I referred  them to your site. I'll send you a referral if they decide they're  serious.

John Campbell

Looks like the photos of Mom

message dated 5/21/2010 10:01:52 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time, rogerschutt@comcast.net writes:
Dear Friends, I hope you're doing well.  Can't tell you how delighted we are with Geo. We get compliments everywhere we go!  He's a quick learner and loves to please. People will stop us and say...."I want a dog just like that".....it's a great compliment to your breeding program!.

Have a great day, Roger Schutt.

message dated 5/18/2009 3:07:43 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, ACaiola@bandlmanagement.com writes:

Hey Bill,
Just wanted to say hello and send you a few pics of the GS I purchased from you. His name is “Tomas Der Hampton Von Fleischerheim” He turned out beautiful.

Thank you

Alfred Caiola
B and L Management Co LLC
316 East 63rd Street Suite 1A
New York NY 10065


message dated 5/6/2010 5:53:20 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, motherload3@aol.com writes:

Went to the vet today - everyone fawned all over Eros and told us how beautiful he was, how well he listened (he already knows his name, sit, come and down).  All our neighbors are shocked at how he stays with us sans a leash, doesn't chase the bus when the children get on and comes when I call him.  I am not surprised at all!  That's why we chose a good breeder.  
I'm reminded how many people have no clue about shepherds and why there was always such a fuss over Sinjin; most people have no experience with how fantastic these dogs really are.

We're so thrilled with him and I've been sharing your name with everyone who asks where we got such a great dog.

message dated 4/24/2010 3:45:26 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, t_wolford@columbus.rr.com writes:


Just wanted to send you a few pictures of the male puppy, Joachim (Jojo) and the female Antonina (Nina) that I acquired from you recently.  These dogs are really impressive, they are extremely intelligent, have great temperaments, and get along great with each other.  I have to admit that at first I was skeptical about purchasing a dog over the internet, however, I am extremely glad that I did.  

I am extremely happy with both dogs and have bonded with them both.  Jojo and Nina have acclimated and are in great health and eating well, they’ve adjusted to Orijen dry food and Wellness canned foods, and treats.  These dogs are everything you and your wife advised.  If in the future you need a reference in this area, or someone would like to see a couple of your dogs, feel free to contact me. 

Thanks for everything, Tim


Hope you and your family are doing well. This is Gus and his favorite person Chelsea this afternoon. There was a huge dog walk to benefit service dogs and the whole family participated. 

It is hard to believe that Gus is almost a year old!!!  Not sure where the time has gone... We will be starting tracking basics this summer. We think Gus will really enjoy that. 
Take care,
The Acosta family


message dated 3/16/2009, bridlevale@verizon.net writes:

Well, another fun afternoon and Abbey is certainly a keeper.  She is adorable.  And likes other dogs and people so that is good.  Likes men so Mr. D. is safe - well now anyway.  She may change her mind about him when she gets older!! 


message dated 1/11/2009 7:37:19 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, FKTD83A writes:
Re:  Ola vom Mittenhauser Hof
I got a new camera from Larry and tried it out on Ola today, throwing the ball on the tennis court (her favorite activity, requested for 15 minute intervals five to ten times daily, besides her other physical activities).  I tried to catch her in the air, catching a ball; not as fast as her.  Best I could do was getting her jumping to catch a ball going towards the grass.
These five shots show a happy dog in her backyard with her ball....and a consequently very happy owner.  Thank you.


We are in love with "Bella" and she is such a happy dog.  She is potty trained and sleeping through the night in her crate.  My children love her and she is their constant companion ( but only when what I am doing is boring to her.)  She is even good friends with the cat after only a couple of days.  Thanks again for helping me find the perfect dog for me and my family.  We could not be more pleased.


message dated 3/16/2009

Hi Bill,

The puppy is working out great!  I get compliments everyday about how 
handsome he is.  He is also the most obedient dog I have ever spent 
time with.  I am very happy.


message dated 2/3/2009 11:53:23 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, rjeffries@riverview.org writes:
Bill & Evy
I wanted to write and tell you how much we enjoy the pup we picked up from Jay & Jennifer Jennings
on January 16, 2009. We have taken her with us to show her to friends and family and everyone is amazed at how sweet and lovable she is.  Bella seems to love everyone she meets and show good manners when in public.
Within the first week we took her to have the micro chip in place at a County wide event sponsored by our local Humane Society and we received compliments on how well behaved she was. We are very pleased with how she
has adapted to our family in such a short time and how well she has done with house breaking  training.
I have to give credit to Jay & Jennifer for her good manners and house break training they did with her prior to
our purchase of her.  Jennifer has answered all my e mail questions promptly and makes me feel like part of
their family.  The continued support from all of you , makes me glad that I found your web site and chose to
purchase from your Kennels.  A special thank you to Evy for her patience with me on the phone.
Bob & Lisa Jeffries
Atlanta, Indiana

message dated 1/28/2009 1:13:38 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, Victoria.Booth@McKesson.com writes:

Hello Evy,  

We are totally in love with Miss Lia and thought we would share some photos for you to enjoy.  Our boy, BlackJack is getting used to her and her ears are starting to go up.  


Victoria Booth

message dated 1/6/2009 11:37:05 A.M. Pacific Standard Time, hurst2matrx writes:
Just a few pics of Tac when he was brought home and where he is today. He is a loved member of the family. Thank You.

Joey Moore

message dated 12/26/2008 2:37:28 P.M. Pacific Standard Time


Nice talking with you. Here is a picture of my Quenn / Isa Puppy. His name is Murdock. The picture was taken end of Summer. I will email a more current photo soon.

- Adam

message dated 12/29/2008 12:09:12 P.M. Pacific Standard Time writes:
Hi Bill
Just wanted you to know that Jimmy has earned his first Title in Rally Novice, at  the Greater Miami Dog Show on  Dec 5,6,7th  2008 so he is now James Joseph Vom Fleishcherheim R.N.. He is such a wonderful Dog trains very well, even thou he has such a very high drive,and my last German Shepherd Dog was not as driven as he is.  I have had him looked at by a Professional  handler who shows German Shepherd's , who thinks we have a good chance ,with him showing at All Breed Show's, to try and obtain his championship Title. So I am now attending,  Conformation Classes to get him ready to show hopefully by the march shows.  
Sincerely Yours
Pat O'Callaghan

This is his first winter. You said a good dog knows when to turn it on and off with Flash vom Fleischerheim its Schutzhund during the day and helping Santa at night. He got a lot of attention from all ages at Petsmart today after our Schutzhund training. Hope you enjoy the picture. 
We wish you and your family a very happy Holiday Season.
Best Regards;
Bill H


Bill and Evy  I just wanted to let you know that are puppy is doing great. he is growing every day. He is a handsome boy and has great temperament and a great personality.He is  everything you said he would be and more  Thank You for everything Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year I will get in touch, when I'm ready for my next one  Trish
message dated 10/30/2008 5:25:26 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, y2knavy1@yahoo.com writes:
Hey guys,
     Sorry we haven't written sooner, but we've been pretty busy.  We just wanted to drop you a quick note with some pics to let you know how Kezio has been doing.  Firstly, he has been a fantastic addition to our family!  What a wonderful dog he has turned out to be.  We have had several GSDs as well as other breeds, but he is by far, the best dog we have ever had.  He has been an ideal match for us and our lifestyle.
     He has been going to obedience classes and we are looking for his BH after the new year, then we begin either Schutzhund or possibly SAR training.  He is so eager to please, loving, perfectly housetrained, obedient, non destructive, great sense of humor and very intelligent.  He comes with us whenever possible and we even took him to the mountains (pics attached) to a cabin that allows dogs.  He must have some labrador in him, because he loves water.  He had an absolute blast.  He has not only met, but far exceeded our expectations.  He is always happy to be with us and knows when it is time to relax or time to play.  His temperament is absolutely amazing.  It just doesn't get better than this!  He is very well exercised daily and loves chasing deer and rabbits (He wouldn't know what to do if he actually caught one hahaha).  He can be slightly dog aggressive, but getting better.  He even plays on the playground climbing the jungle gym, through the tubes and going down the slides.  Overall his instincts are reflective of the positive qualities that we hoped for in a quality GSD.
     We can't thank you all enough for what you do.  He is truly a member of our family and loving his life with us and is very healthy and happy.  Take care and enjoy the photos.
Kindest Regards,
 message dated 7/29/2008 1:20:40 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, ted@whitecaprealestate.com writes:
He checked out well yesterday at the VET. We had hips x-rayed and they looked good also more then 50% in socket as she wanted. What a super temperament and he is as confident as a puppy can be.   We are very pleased and would highly recommend you as the GSD breeder of choice. It made us feel very good when the VET said she grew up with GSD show dogs and she was amazed just how perfect he was.
Thank you.    
Ted F. Thomsen
message dated 8/2/2008 10:58:27 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time writes:
Just wanted to say "THANK YOU"
We are extremely happy with our Filou. He has grown to be big and beautiful - just as you advertised him.  His color is absolutely gorgeous, body structure is awesome, and he's got such a great personality!  And....I think he's smarter than me! 
I highly recommend you to others. You're trustworthy and produce excellent dogs.
Carol Jensen

message dated 7/4/2008 4:24:25 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time  writes:
Hi Mr. Fleischer:
    Happy 4th of July to yourself and your family. I wanted to send you a couple of photos of the beautiful puppy from Camille's and Vito's litter from last year. Her name is Mika and she is a fabulous dog. She is the image of her sire Vito. Thanks again for sending her to us. Ann Hodkinson

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